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    Using refreshextract with cross database join data sources

    Dustin Russell

      Hi all,

      I am trying to see if there is a solution to the issue I am running in to. I am using 10.0 Desktop and 10.1 Server and have a data source that has one custom SQL query using Hortonworks Hadoop Hive and an Excel document on a network share (with proper permissions). I am refreshing the extract using refreshextract because we have encountered issues with refreshing on server when there is complex HIVQL in the Hadoop connections. This works fine with a single data provider however with the additional connection to the Excel workbook it fails with the error "There is no active connection to the data source".


      Below is the command being executed

      tableau refreshextract --server https://tableau.company.com --username user --password *********--site "SiteName"  --project "Sandbox" --datasource "Datasource EXCEL" --source-username user--source-password ********* --force-full-refresh



      I cannot find any documentation on using that command with multiple connections or any other experiencing the issue so I was looking to see if anyone else has experienced this before.