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    Restore from 9.3 to 10.2

    Karl Robinson

      Will this restore work seamlessly?


      I'm very much a new Tableau Server admin. I have looked around but haven't found much information on restoring older versions of the database.

      Backup was done with '.\tabadmin backup E:\Backups\Data\FullBackup -d'

      Restore would be with tabadmin as well.

      9.3 backup verifies clean with '.\tabadmin verify_database -f ...'



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          Rick Kunkel

          The short answer is "yes".


          The longer answer is:

          • Read the Upgrade documentation
          • Take a backup.
          • Always test an upgrade before you do it in production.  Restore your 9.3 backup to another machine so that you're working with the same content ,and then upgrade that machine.  This is the best predictor of success that you have.
          • In the event that an upgrade doesn't go smoothly, you might be hitting a defect.  Contact Tableau Support.  Server down tickets are a priority.
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