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    Tabjolt authorization issues to Tableau Server 10.2

    Jeremy Olliver



      I'm having some issues with getting Tabjolt to authorize to my Tableau Server 10.2 - the error message I get is "Unable to get the top view URLs from Tableau Server. Please make sure the user credential you have provided has server administrator permission". This is a different message I get than the message presented with wrong login credentials, and the user I'm authenticating as definitely is a "Server Administrator". I've been unable to find any logs relevant to this, but if it helps, Tabjolt is not installed on the same server as Tableau Server (so as not to impact test performance). Both servers are running on AWS, inside a VPC. There does not appear to be any connectivity issues, as the Tabjolt server has no issue logging in via a web browser to the Tableau Server.


      Any ideas on how to troubleshoot from here? My initial though was that these issues might be because Tabjolt does not officially list support for 10.2, though the fact that the message is different to a login failure, make me wonder if it's a configuration issue?




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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Jeremy -


          TabJolt works fine against 10.2 - Nothing to see there as far as I know.  I've never seen that error message either, though. How are you providing URLs to TabJolt? Based on this error message it almost makes me think that you aren't using vizpool.csv (default) but instead are using the "web" approach (TabJolt connects to the PostgreSQL database and grabs viz names directly from Tableau).


          I typically don't use the web method since my Server has some viz-cruft in it that wouldn't make sense to test and I like the fine-grained control of vizpool.


          How are you actually providing credentials to TabJolt? Are you leveraging userpool.csv (I DON'T think that will work in web mode, but I've never tested it), or are you "hard coding" in ServerTestConfig? Make sure the admin user (in Tableau) is in the latter file.


          I frankly wouldn't be totally surprised if "web" is sorta broken - it doesn't get used a lot, and therefore not as much love...

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            Brad Sheridan

            I have a very similar issue to Jeremy, but slightly different configuration.  I'm running Tableau Server in AWS and we connect to it via https://.  I installed Tabjolt on my local workstation and on the Tabjolt Configuration screen, I can't get past the first tab "Tableau Server Information".  I get a message that the username/password aren't correct.


            However, if I hit the same URL from my browser, with the same Admin credentials, I can get in just fine.


            Any thoughts?


            Thanks in advance,