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    Creating different date values columns, Yesterday, avg last week, avg last month

    Anna Conijn

      Good day Tableau world,


      Once again I want to ask you geniuses to help me with something.

      I'm trying to create a dashboard but I'm having trouble with dates.


      My dataset is a little bit private but I think this can be tried on every dataset with a date.

      My dataset is uploading continuously, so it is a live set.

      But I need to show the data of yesterday, avg of last week and avg of last month.


      I want to do that next to each other  so I want to create 3 calculated fields with formulas so I can get the columns.

      But it still needs to be live, so I don't really need to up date the dates by myself, because of the multiple sheets with the same idea.


      I've tried : [DATE] = TODAY() - 1, But this is only for a filter because you need to say true or false.

      then I tried : IF [DATE] = TODAY() - 1 THEN [DATE]

                          ELSE NULL

                          END, But this gives me no data.


      I tried : Filtering with Relative Date but then I also need to change it daily.


      So I don't know anymore what to try and I can't really find in these forms a solution.

      A little sketch what I want to succeed:


      ItemsYesterday soldAvg sold last weekavg sold last month
      Item A345
      Item B678
      Item C91010
      Item D358
      Item E642


      Can pretty please with a cherry on top, someone help me?


      With kind regards,



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