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    .js webconnector and NAT / public IPs

    Maciek La


      I am running a custom .js webconnector which defaults last 30 days for slider as described here: Default date slider range with Tableau JS API - meowBi it's not a rocket science and it generally works well but...

      When added to the dashboard, I need to specify Tableau Server IP and I have to access the dashboard using exactly the same domain to avoid cross-origin issue.

      The problem is - this dashboard can be accessed using multiple domains due server being behind NAT. It would mean that I have to know all public and private IP combinations and add proper WebPage component to the dashboard prior to publishing it... Is there any better way to do this?

      I've checked multiple sources/solutions but unfortunately none is working for me (including The big CORS Debate: Tableau Server and external AJAX calls -Databoss  and document.domain approach)...

      Tamas Foldi  I believe your knowledge could be invaluable here (sorry for the shotgun approach)