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    Ideas on how to analyze spend versus activity

    Nathan Lindstrom

      Hello Community,


      I'm trying to think through how best to visualize some data and I'm looking for some input.  Here is my scenario:


      We develop real estate and then market that real estate to customers that want to pay us to complete the underlying project.  So essentially we spend development dollars on real estate and have some sort of forecasted spend in order to hold that real estate until a customer wants to buy it.  These real estate sites are actively bid to various customers on an ongoing basis.  Bids have various offer stages (Submitted, Shortlisted, Won, Lost)


      What we are trying to develop is a report that allows us to analyze which real estate we should continue to hold onto b/c their is a likelihood of success with a customer buying it and which real estate we should think about cutting our losses.


      What types of analysis should I look at trying to build that will help us with these decisions?