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    Latitude Longitude points

    Jose Silva



      I am trying to build a dashboard using lat and long points from a CSV file. But it seems that I am missing something preparing the Lat and Long points.


      I assigned the geographic role, but this still is not working. The points are showed outside the map.



      Can anybody help me please?


      Many thanks,


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          Michael Someck

          Hi José,


          It looks like the issue is the numbers you have for lat/long. Tableau is reading them without the decimal point (so, e.g., 41.4646 is being read as 414,646). You might want to look into addressing this in your CSV file. Otherwise, I came up with a somewhat convoluted workaround using calculated fields:


          Latitude: float(LEFT(str([Latitud]),2)+"."+RIGHT(str([Latitud]),LEN(str([Latitud]))-2))

          Longitude: float(LEFT(str([Longitud]),1)+"."+RIGHT(str([Longitud]),LEN(str([Longitud]))-1))


          Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 12.52.07 PM.png


          This method isn't great, though, because you have to manually say where the decimal point needs to be. (So if you needed 414646 to be 4.14646 for one row and 41.4646 for another, it wouldn't work.) I've attached a workbook, but it's v10.2.


          I hope this is helpful.



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            Jose Silva

            Hi Michael,


            Thank you very much. That was helpful!