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    Issues with Decimal Point in String Data

    Michael Moore

      I have an Excel spreadsheet with a column of data for material codes.  These material codes can be names, whole numbers or decimal numbers.  I realize this is not ideal but it is how the business has chosen to designate it's products.  I need to use the material codes as a dimension in Tableau.  In Excel I have formatted the material codes to all be text.  When I connect the excel file to Tableau, Tableau drops the digits following the decimal point for all material codes which are not whole numbers.  For example, 811612.03 becomes 811612.  Why is Tableau treating text data as numeric data?  Tableau is summing all material codes with 811612.xx into one material code.  How do I get around this issue?

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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Michael


          I did not have the problem when I loaded a sample

          I brought in the first code as a text on the excel sheet and the second as general

          Tableau brought in each a s a number - I converted the first to a string by right clicking the data type in the dimension pane


          I would suggest trying to convert what you loaded and seeing what the result would be



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            Michael Moore

            Hi Jim,


            Thanks for helping out - much appreciated.  Here is a screenshot of my data.



            You can see that "Corrected Mtl#" is a string in the view above and there are no decimal values visible.  If I change the data type from string to number (decimal) I get the following:


            Now you can see the decimal values but any materials with text in them show up as null values - not a solution.  I'm sure I'm missing something simple here.