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    Low results grouping into others

    Nano A



      I have a list of products belonging to different ranges and I try to create a chart comparing percentages of units sold of each range.

      But my ranges don't have equitable success, so that Ranges 3 and 4 could be grouped together under the name of "other".




      So I created a calculated field "Test Range" to rename ranges which have less than 10% of units sold.


      TEST RANGE: IF [% Total units sold]<0.1 THEN "Other" ELSE attr([Range]) END



      other 2.PNG

      But this field isn't enough to obtain my chart with a single block "other" with the corresponding percentage.



      It must not be very difficult, but I tried several things and I don't see anymore how I can do that.


      Thank you for your help!!


      PS: You can find the workbook here