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    Tips to improve my viz

    Karthik Venkatachalam


      I was asked to build a report to track hours spent in organization. Here is what I did with my draft and I am really unhappy with the low quality work I have done on the draft. I am seeking some feedback, tips and thoughts from you to make this from a "sh**ty" to "Nice!" workbook.


      Looking for ideas/ improvements in...

      - Symmetry and placements of the sub-views

      - Organization - Left to right, top to bottom

      - Struggling between "Summary and Details" all in the same view

      - I am also struggling with deciding between more information vs less information. I am biased to give more.

      - I don't like how 4 overshoots and ends right in middle of 2, unfortunately, 4 has 2 columns in dimension. Extending 4 all the way to end of 2, is not nice too.

      - Can the bar charts be made prettier in 1,2,4?

      - 3 looks odd on daily scale, with weekday bumps - but "weekly", "monthly" should have a neat line trend.

      - 5 seems to take up space for details.

      - Like my 6 and 7 which I would like to call as micro-charts with condensed historical information in it. (Call it sparkline without spark).


      View itself is fast, and connects live, with up to the minute data.


      Sorry I could not attach a workbook at this time.

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          Mark Bradbourne

          The first thing I would do would be to remove the data labels and utilize the tool tips to provide the additional information/values. [1, 2, 3 and 4]


          I'd try and move 6, 7 and 8 in-line with the selection options (under the time entry header


          Possibly make 1, 2 and 4 dynamic and allow the user to switch between what dimension is being displayed


          These are just a few options... I'm sure others with chime in.


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            Karthik Venkatachalam

            Thanks Mark! I will take your inputs and try to play with it.


            My general philosophy has been - to make the user do very little work/ mouse clicks to get what they want.

            Right after page loads user should be able to glance and get as much useful information as they can - Which is why I am label addict, you are right, may be am overdoing it. I will try to reduce label font size and change to lighter color, to see if doesn't over bear the graph itself.  Even then if it does, then I will remove it altogether. 


            Eventually, it would be nice to have label density control - which can show say - 20% or 30% of marks, instead of all or nothing. min max approach we have today.

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              Mark Bradbourne

              So how did it turn out? Can we get a before and after?

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                Karthik Venkatachalam

                Hi Mark,

                I didn't get much farther after. I changed fonts to Arial for Dashboard and worksheet. We added a filter, and a rolling 90 day parameter. Here is how it looks today.