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    If I open an old workbook, 10.2 now tells me what version it is being upgraded from!!

    Joe Oppelt

      Tight security here at my company.  I cannot install stuff on my (company owned) laptop.



      I just had them install 10.2 desktop, and while they were in there I had them install ZIP.  (Yes, I didn't have that.)


      Previously if I opened a workbook from someone's question here on the board, by default it would open on my latest installed version.  If their workbook was older than my latest version, Tableau would upgrade it as expected.

      But if I did anything to that upgraded version, the person I was responding to wouldn't be able to see it because they likely wouldn't have my higher version.


      So my only recourse was to try successively older versions (I have them all the way back to 8.2) until I didn't get an upgrade message.  And that was frustrating.


      I could have un-zipped the twbX, and then I could edit the TWB in notepad, and at the top it would tell me what version it was saved under.  But I didn't have ZIP.

      So I would do the old frustrating exercise of trying older versions.


      Thus, when I had our IT group installing 10.2 for me, I had them get ZIP working as well.

      And then, when I opened my first workbook on 10.2, this is the message I saw:



      I didn't need ZIP after all.  (Well, actually I did.  Someone has saved his workbook as a ZIP file in a question I'm looking at...)