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    Careers in data - how did you get here?

    Tracy Rodgers

      I love hearing stories about how people got to different points in their careers. I'd love to hear about how you got to where you are in your career today. 


      What's your current role? Are you just getting started in your career, halfway through, or getting ready to wrap it up?


      Are you deep in the data in your job today or are you looking at the analysis someone else has done and asking the next question?


      Did you actively pursue a job that involves using data or was it by chance? If you pursued a job in data, was it because you had an education that supported data exploration or do you just have a knack for curiosity that keeps you wanting to dig into the data more?


      Share your experiences with us!

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          Paulo Dantas

          I worked for five years with System Analyst, using DB Postgres, SQL Server and ADempiere, Rodopar and TOTVS Protheus ERP. After that, I was to Business Intelligence, two years and half with Qlik, and now more then one year with Tableau, Oracle TOTVS RM, SAP BW/SAP Hana.



          I will preparing to learn Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Science.



          I looking for a new job position.



          I Attached my resume.




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            Shajira Martinez

            I've been at my company for 13 years .. I worked 2 in Corp Sales, followed by 6 in Marketing Research and then 3 Business Intelligence as part of Marketing.  In August the Marketing - BI Dept was merged with the IS BI Dept to form a new Business Intelligence and Analysis Dept.

            I have been working with Tableau for almost 3 1/2 years and we are moving into more machine learning and data mining in the next 6 months. My current role being Business Intelligence Analyst.