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    Tableau Sites

    Sam Holmes

      Hi all,


      Currently our cluster is set up with two sites, Development and Production. With a lot of project turning effectively into what I'd consider mini sites, where they effectively use their project folder as a dumping ground for any questions/insight some one in their team has.

      I'm trying to put together an argument for us to ditch this approach and instead switch to departmental sites. Where each site can be managed by some super users in that department, while me and my admin team just focus on the higher level infrastructure and general running the servers. Rather than what we currently have where it is our responsibility to monitor teams right down to a workbook level. Obviously some of the key downsides to this would be how we are effectively siloing our departments as well by empowering the users we will also be some what reliant on site owners managing their own sites (at least for the small things). I'm looking for general advice on the feasibility of this or examples where people have tried something similar and to what effect. I also have a question, which is whether it is possible to allocate resources or limit to specific sites?

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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Sam -


          Tableau Server does no site-specific resource governing above and beyond  (very) basic data size & user count limts. You can't tell it to "only let site X use up to 25% of the CPU or RAM", which I think is what you're after.


          Lots of people use the approach you're considering. In fact, that's the whole reason why Tableau created the Site Admin. Generally, the System Administrators do what you envision, except that they also look out for "rogue workbooks and jobs" that run for an unreasonable amount of time and soak up too many resources. When you spot those, it becomes the site administrator's responsibility to deal with (or remove) them.


          (Don't get me wrong on this next part). What you're considering is not a big deal or at all out of the ordinary: It's a pretty basic and well known approach (that's good news).

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            Toby Erkson

            I second Russell's reply.


            I only have four Sites that are used by other departments.  Each Site has two Site Admins minimum (four would be our maximum) and they are very proficient with Desktop.  I love it.  They take care of their own stuff which, basically, gives me time back.  Now the only Site I really only have to deal with is the Default one.

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              Eric Axelrod

              Segregating functional groups into different sites is definitely handy from

              a self service point of view.


              The caution I have is that if there would ever be a need to share a

              published datasource between groups you can't do it with this approach.

              Same goes for user groups, projects, user permissions, etc.  All of that

              stuff has to be duplicated between sites should you need to leverage any of

              it cross-site.


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                Toby Erkson

                Eric, correct, good point!  Our data is highly silo'd and even those that use the same data source don't use the same data (different tables and/or columns) so we aren't affected by that.