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    Qualified Server Associate Exam

    Menatallah Abdel Azeem

      I needed to ask how can I prepare for this exam ?

      All the resources I find are very high level - and the server guide available is around 1K pages and definitely it is not about reading them : what level of detail & practicality is needed ?



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          Russell Christopher

          Hi There!

          The best way to prepare for this exam is to use the product. Most of the questions are pretty straight forward if you have acted as an Administrator on Tableau Sever for a while.


          You should probably also review the exam guide, which detals the things that you are expected to know.


          Hiope that helps.

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            Toby Erkson

            You definitely need to actively use the product for a few months, minimum.  I've been using Tableau Server for FOUR versions over five years and still found the test challenging!  I read the manual multiple times, too, but that only helped some.  I would say that there is no way someone would pass the exam without having product experience.

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