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    Update entire workbook using Tabcmd

    Thomas Kruithof

      Hi All,

      I am currently using tabcmd to retrieve .png files from some of my dashboards, but it is not updating properly. I currently work with a workbook that is connected to one data source. This data source is connected Live to Azure. In the night, I run a process that updates the data on the Azure DB. When I use tabcmd 1 or 2 or even 3 hours later, it still gives me a view from the day before. I use Tableau Online and when I go to the workbook through the browser, I can often also see that it is not updated yet. I can update it by clicking the refresh button and that works fine, but when I run tabcmd it still retrieves old data. Is there any way using tabcmd to refresh the entire workbook? In the tabcmd manual I can only find information on how to refresh extracts. Or does anyone know a different solution to this problem?


      This is the script I currently use. I even logout first to make sure I am not on a previous login by accident and I also removed old .png files from the target folder, but nothing seems to help.



      cd tabcmd\command line utility

      tabcmd logout

      Tabcmd login -s https://online.tableau.com -t sitename-u username -p password


      Tabcmd get /views/customerservicedata/customerhandling.png -f customerhandling.png