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    getParameterAsync() is not returning success or failure.

    Ankur Srivastava

      Tableau ver: 10.1.4


      I am using Tableau dashboards/web pages inside iPad WebKit. It has been working fine for a while. However, I am facing a strange issue after a modification done by dashboard team.


      The getParameterAsync() function is not returning anything. Event listener is working fine and so "OnLoad.js: parameter <param name>" is getting logged. However, the next log placed inside getParameterAsync() is not printed. I am not sure what exactly changed by dashboard team and I am completely relying on this method call back. Can anyone tell me what could be the potential cause?


      Code base:

      function addParameterEventListener() {

          log('checking the existence of viz');

          if (typeof viz !== 'undefined') {

              log('-- viz exists...');

              viz.addEventListener('parametervaluechange', function(event) {

                  log('OnLoad.js: parameter ' + event.getParameterName());

                  event.getParameterAsync().then(function(p) {

                      log('OnLoad.js: Tableau Parameter Changed'); // Not printed because getParameterAsync() returns nothing.





              viz.addEventListener('tabswitch', function(event) {