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    Clustered Column Bar Charts using Quarter Summary Data

    Garrett Hills

      Is it possible to create an excel combo chart with clustered columns + dual line chart just using the summary data?  I find tableau is tough to put together some simple ops review metrics that showcase trends Q-o-Q unless you have all the underlying raw data.   I don't get how to handle the quarter data as columns.

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          Shinichiro Murakami

          Hi Garrett


          Yes, it's quite troublesome to draw this excel-like charts.

          Tableau is not designed at this point to create "Group Bar" or "Clustered Bar" charts.



          But workaround-wise,

          - Crate continuous X-axis

          - Differentiate Dimension by changing the Axis Value itself


          will help to create this particular view.  Though it's pretty complicated I agree.



          Anyways, you need to start Pivoting data.

          From edit Data Source.




          [Date Convert]

          dateparse("MMyy",str(int(mid([Pivot field names],2,1))*3-2)+str(right([Pivot field names],2)))



          [Header Shift]

          case [F1]

          when "A" then [Date Convert]-10

          when "B" then [Date Convert]

          when "C" then [Date Convert]+10

          when "D" then [Date Convert] end



          [Value ABC]

          if [F1]<>"D" then [Pivot field values] end



          [Value D (single)]

          if [F1]="D" then [Pivot field values] end