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    Number of purchases vs average sale amount (BINs / LODs with filters)

    Syed Zafar Naqvi

      Couldn't figure out a better subject for this - so apologies up front.


      I am calculating "BINs" based on FIXED LOD calculations on one version of the chart - but since these LODs get calculated before the dimension filters I am having issue introducing date filters. We have got average sale amount per purchase per customer grouped together in 100$ bins while on the Y axis we introduce number of purchases per customer.


      If I try to redo it with INCLUDE / EXCLUDE functions (using Customer ID field )then I have to put Customer ID in details on the view; this changes the view altogether. I want the visuals to stay the same but the filters to work at BIN level so that for the date range selected. we get the right numbers displayed. Attaching the worksheet and would appreciate if anyone can comment on what am I missing here.


      Thanks Much!