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    "--tabbed" publish from tabcmd causing workbook to resize

    Hilary Cooksley

      Hello Tableau geniuses!


      Quick question for an expert tabcmd user - I am using the tabcmd publish feature to automate publishing workbooks from our development environment. I am able to get the workbooks published just fine, but when I add in the --tabbed parameter, my workbook is published with automatic sizing instead of the fixed generic desktop size I designed it with. This only happens when I want the dashboards displayed as tabs and use the --tabbed parameter; if I publish without this specification, the sizing remains intact.


      I have tried using the --width and --height parameters that you can use when you export a view or a workbook, but those did not work when I used the publish command.


      Any thoughts on how to overcome this? We need our reports published as tabbed views, but we also need them to look clean and crisp which is why we want to avoid the automatic sizing.


      Thank you in advance for any help!