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    Refeshing Excel Data

    Melissa Edmiston

      All, I am new to Tableau and I have been working on my first dashboard. I have an excel file saved on my desktop i'm working with. I've made some changes to the excel file, but can't seem to get the data to refresh in tableau (desktop version).  I'm sure this is an easy fix, but I can't figure out what I've done wrong!

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          Jean Paul Mubima

          Hi Melissa,

          If it is a live connection, after saving your changes on the excel file, get back to Tableau then you can click F5 on a worksheet that uses the excel file as a data source. You could also click the refresh icon on the data pane.

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            Dhruv Gupta

            Hi Melissa,


                 Try refreshing(press F5) the Tableau workbook and if it doesn't work then check the datasource file path(Data->ExcelFile_Name); The path of Excel file(that you are making change in) and the Tableau workbook data source file path should be same. Sometimes Tableau creates temporary files in Tableau repository folder and map the workbook to those temporary files(as data source), if this is the case then replace the updated excel file in the repository folder(or change the data source file to the updated one).


            Hope this Helps!!