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    Dual-Axis Maps hiding Secondary Data on Selection


      Dear Community,


      when rendering a dual-axis map with (e.g. filled maps and points) a click on a polygon (e.g. state) will pop up a selection.

      This unfortunately hides the secondary data points which - in my case - are of interest for the dashboard:


      Is there a possibility to keep the grey dots in front?

      I did try to solve this problem with filtering and blending but the filters soon ended up in heavily disturbing

      my dashboard’s storytelling and tableau’s blending feature does not seem to be too keen on dual-axis maps.


      Thanks your your answers and kind help!

      Best Regards,


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          Gregg Lathrop

          I haven't found a way to "select only attributes from this layer" like in ArcGIS. My work around has been using the box, circle, or lasso selector, then group the selected polygons on a unique field for that layer. This will make a group and an "all other" group. The colors group pill will be applied to both shapefiles (filled and shape), so you have to back to your points marks card, remove the polygon color, and replace it with the points one you had before.

          Hope that makes sense.


          short answer is not that I have seen.