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    Visualize change in clinical indicator over years for huge dataset

    Meenakshi Gopalakrishnan


      I am working on a data set with over 100k records.

      Intend to track the clinical indicator(lab result) for patients over 5 years. If they have moved from high risk to medium or low risk category.

      However because of the large number or records, viewing the change for a group of patients seem to be impossible in tableau.


      I can use stacked bards to show the changes in proportions over time (Say proportion of high, medium, low risk group in 20x1 , 20x2..)

      But this does not help me track what % moved from high to medium with time for instance. I mean, we loose track of who is progressing how.

      Started to think on lines of parallel co-ordinates with years on my vertical axis and indicator values on X, does not reveal anything since I

      have a large data set.

      How can we achieve this in Tableau. Kindly advise.