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    Passing parameter via URL does not work if parameter starts with "End"

    Brian Pringle

      I have a dashboard that works correctly when accessing it from the Tableau server, but I cannot call it via URL because one of the parameters starts with "End".  The dashboard has beginning data [Begin Date], ending date [End Date], and customer number [Customer Number] parameters that are used to filter the data.





      There is an example of the setup at the following page:

      Creating a Filter for Start and End Dates Using Parameters | Tableau Software


      It works fine for the Begin Date and the Customer Number, but I cannot get it to pass in the End Date.  If I change the parameter to [Stop Date], it works fine.  We have many dashboards that are configured this way and don't want to have to change all of them.


      Is there any other way to make this work?  Can we please get this fixed?