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    How to keep the axis same for two adjacent bar graphs

    Arijit Ganguly

      This is the data visualization - https://public.tableau.com/profile/xtage.labs#!/vizhome/RefugeeSituationinEurope_0/FiguresondifferentcategoriesofmigrantsinEurope20152016


      I want to keep the y-axes details for the bottom two bar graphs same so that they can be compared. Right now the values for Germany in both graphs seem equal even though the values are different. What should happen is the left value for Germany is smaller that the right value.

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          Mark Bradbourne

          If you right click and edit the axis you can set it to "fixed" The only caveat would be that if the bar goes past the axis you may have undesired results


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            Hope Stiles

            I had a case similar to this where I was able to sync up the x axis on three worksheets.  In my case the x-axis was a date field.  I happened to know that the data began for one of the worksheets a specific number of months before the other two. 


            I created a calculated field that determined how many months from the last data point I needed the axis to be.  I used that as a secondary axis which only had one point on them.  I did dual axes, synced them, and then changed the mark on that axis to a white color so it wouldn't be visible.


            I called the calculation 'conditional Axis beginning' and used :

            DATEADD('month', -11, [Latest Discharge Date])

            Latest Discharge Date is another calculated field that determines that latest date in my data.


            Perhaps you could create a field that determines the largest value in your data and then set that on a secondary axis changing the mark to white.  I know the cases aren't exactly the same, but maybe the idea will help you.