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    Unable to view the content after publishing on Server

    Sailaja Chintala

      Hi All,


      I have created a report using Hive ODBC with a live connection and have also created the same connection on the Server. After publishing this workbook on the server, an error is being displayed and unable to view the report. Im currently using 10.0.2v of Tableau Server. I found that there is a known issue regarding the same with an extract refresh issue. But in my case, im using a live connection. So can anyone help me understand if this is also a part of the known issue or is there anything that i need to fix from my side.







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          Hello Sailaja Chintala,


          I understand your issue.

          Could you please tru the following resolution path, and let me know if it worked for you?


          Step 1: Ensure the recommended ODBC driver is installed.

          Download the driver from the Tableau Drivers & Activation page. 

          Step 2: Set up the Kerberos configuration file in the default location.

          • Obtain a krb5.conf configuration file from your Kerberos administrator.
          • The default location is C:\ProgramData\MIT\Kerberos5. This directory may be hidden by the Windows operating system.
          • Rename the configuration file from krb5.conf to krb5.ini.
          • Copy krb5.ini to the default location and overwrite the empty sample file.

          Note: To set up this configuration file in a non-default location, please consult the MIT Kerberos documentation. MIT management should be installed in every instance of Tableau Server (primary and workers).

          Step 3: Set up the Kerberos credential cache file.

          • Create a writable directory. For example, C:\temp
          • Click the Windows Start menu.
          • Right-click Computer.
          • Click Properties > Advanced system settings.
          • Click Environment Variables.
          • Under System variables, click New.
          • In Variable name, enter: KRB5CCNAME.
          • In Variable value, enter: <writable directory from step 1>\krb5cache. For example, C:\temp\krb5cache

          Note: krb5cache is a regular file (not a directory) managed by the Kerberos software and should not be created by the user. If you receive a permission error when you first use Kerberos, check to make sure that the krb5cache file does not exist as a file or a directory. This set up needs to be performed on every instance of Tableau Server (primary and workers).

          • Click OK to save the new variable.
          • Ensure the variable is listed in the System variables list.
          • Restart your computer to ensure that MIT Kerberos for Windows uses the new settings.





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            John Kuo

            This is a shot in the dark but try using the FQDN of the server name, e.g. don't use SQLServerABC, use SQLServerABC.yourcompany.com.