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    Profit Curve

    Maria Trumble

      I thought I was doing well with the set up of my product p&ls.  Managed a few charts that looked pretty and my manager throw me a "curve" ball.......


      He would like me to set up a profit curve that appears in my dashboard.


      I'm stumped.  I'm not even sure if it is possible


      I have attached a spreadsheet to show the profit curve and how it is calculated in excel.


      The key bit here is the actual line.  I have these numbers already within my tableau data.  The Sales and the Profit will change depending on how far I drill down in my data.  However the assumptions in excel, to the right, will stay the same.


      Is there some fancy formula that can calculate these predictions


      I have also provide a screen shot of my attempt.  Didn't really get very far.


      Any help will be very much appreciated.  Even if it is to tell my boss he is reaching for too many stars