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    Calculate market shares for 2 competitors, in different categories

    kamel salah

      Hi Everyone - Quite new to Tableau  - I am using a transactional database and am trying to generate the following insights:


      I. Market Shares

      - Calculate market shares for 2 competitors, in various categories across several time periods

      - Display in a visual way the market share gap between the 2 competitors in each of the periods (Bar graph)


      II. Growth & absolute values

      - Display grand total for each of the categories, along side the total for each of the 2 brands

      - Display the $ growth from the previous period for each of the competitor


      Note - I tried to perform calculated fields and use table calculations, but the results would not be specific to various categories/competitors, so hoping you can help. Attached is the sample workbook.


      Thanks in advance for your help !!!