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    Overlay Pie Charts or Tree Charts on a Dashboard with Sheet Parameter

    Bingcan Chen

      Hi All,


      I was trying to create a dashboard in which I am planning to use a sheet parameter to control which worksheets to show up on the dashboard. I have been using this 'trick' for quite a while now, and it has been working perfectly until today. The only difference I wanted to do today was that I was trying to overlay two worksheets containing Pie charts and tree charts (before I have only overlaid bar charts or filled maps). Does anyone know why this is the case?


      Here are the steps I have been using for overlaying Bar Charts just for your information, and it's not working for Pie charts nor Tree Charts.


      Suppose I have two worksheets A and B (both of them contain bar charts or maps)

      1.)  Create a Parameter with values A and B;

      2.) In worksheet A, create a calculated field as parameter = 'A', and use it as a filter

      3.) In worksheet B, create a calculated field as parameter = 'B', and use it as a filter

      4.) Create a dashboard, and place a container onto the dashboard.

      5.) Move worksheet A to the container, and show the parameter.

      6.) Move worksheet B to the SAME container, and hide title.


      This works fine when worksheets A and B contain bar charts or maps (i only used these two types before). But I can't move worksheets A and B to the SAME container when they contain Pie charts...


      Not sure why this is the case. Anyone knows?