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    Where can I edit Title?

    Jamieson Christian

      My title shows as "Digital Marketing Specialist" on the Tableau Community. I haven't been in that role since the middle of last year. On my Edit Profile screen, there's a not a field where I can edit Title. I can set the visibility on the Privacy tab, but I can't actually change the value.


      How do I change this? Thanks very much!



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          Toby Erkson

          This doesn't make sense from an end-user point of view but here goes:

          Right now, at the top of the page, click on the Community link (actually can be done anywhere in the Tableau web site)...

          ...if you see this then click Edit Account and you're all done and can stop (jump to User Profile below)...

          ...otherwise click the Sign In link...

          ...don't argue, just click it and type in your email and password that you normally use to log in and click the Sign In button...

          ...and now you'll see the Edit Account link which you can click on to make your changes...



          User Profile

          The User Profile is where you make these changes, including changing your password if you need to:


          Remember to click the Update button at the bottom of the page when done.


          There's no need to sign out, all changes will take immediate effect.

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            Jamieson Christian



            Hot diggity! I never would have found that. I kept trying to go to the Edit Profile link from the avatar drop-down. Thanks very much!


            For other users finding this thread, you can short-circuit all the clicks by going directly to this link (and sign in if prompted): https://auth.tableausoftware.com/user/profile

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              Patrick Van Der Hyde

              Yep - the Tableau.com website has the SAML authentication for our community and your title is kept in that system so that it syncs with our other systems such as Salesforce.com, etc..  Thanks for the great write up Toby.