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    Tableau to PowerPoint

    Cynthia Derksen

      I have asked this question several times and I have not been successful in abstracting my views to PowerPoint without manually cut and paste. Cut and paste isn't efficient when you produce 13-18 reports within a 7 day period.  My Windows PowerShell ISE modifications keep failing and I am starting to feel frustrated and thinking of recreating my reports back in excel where I can used linked objects. 


      So, I am now asking.... Is it possible to write a script to pull the views from the workbook and not off the server? 


      PS.  I have asked my Tableau Server Admin for support too.


      If you have been one of the folks who have replied to my requests previously, Thank You.

      I am such a newbie that I haven't been able to decipher the script steps.  It maybe obvious to an IT guru -

      maybe a PowerShell for dummies version?

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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          A couple of thoughts Cynthia, what about using embedded views into web pages and clicking through web pages rather than using PPT?   Or using the Tableau Story feature?   Tableau straight to PPT is going to require outputting images from Tableau and then importing them to PPT.  It works but if you have to do this frequently, it would be much better to just build the reporting in Tableau and dump PPT.   The plus side of going this route is that your audience can explore the data views themselves and potentially learn something valuable on their own. 


          I hope this helps,




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            Cynthia Derksen

            Thank you for your reply.  It is not possible to me to give up on PowerPoint for these projects.  I am now thinking of adding a PowerPoint image for the background and export the report to PDF.


            Do you know if you can change an image with a parameter?  All of our presentation have logo's for the location represented?

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              Cynthia Derksen

              Hey ALL!!!


              I have found a work around that I am sharing here.  I hope it spreads.  I printed my workbook to PDF and then use Adobe Acrobat XI Pro to save as a PowerPoint.  YES... Save it directly as a PowerPoint!

              I have added my title sheet, etc as dashboards and logo, etc.    There is just one thing... (ALWAYS)  The format sometime changes it is always good to check no conversion is perfect.  I changed the base report in tableau and it fixed it with the next test.


              Oh,   The end product that is exported out of Acrobat is images that is why it shifted.  I was also able to import the images to templates without an issue.