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    Web Data Connector to Pivotal Tracking REST API

    Forest Dennis

      First, I am very new at working with JavaScript. After years of VBA code, I am challenged to pick up JS programming.


      I am working to develop a Web Data Connector to get data from the Pivotal Tracker REST API. I need to be able to generate basic authentication or pass my Pivotal token in my registerConnector phase. I have read through the Tableau WDC and the Pivotal Tracker documentation and I can't seem to make the necessary link. From what I can tell, Pivotal API does allow for Basic Authentication. It will take the User information and exchange it for a Token that would be good for that session.


      I have followed through the Earthquake tutorial. I am working to adapt the code to get my data. What I need is the code to use. I also need to know if that is 'added' to the getData function or would it replace it.



      If it helps, Pivotal offers a number of CURL commands. Is it possible to drop those in rather than building the Schema information? The URL to my data would be similar to https://pivotaltracker.com/services/v5//projects/{project_ID}/


      The CURL end point for this example is --

      export TOKEN='your Pivotal Tracker API token'

      curl -X GET -H "X-TrackerToken: $TOKEN" "https://www.pivotaltracker.com/services/v5/projects/{project_ID}"


      Thanks, Forest