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    SQL Server Connection String parameters setup via tableau desktop - Available options

    sandeep chayanam


      What are the options available to edit the SQL server connection string via tableau desktop?


      For instance, below is the connection string for enabling the Data Encryption & disabling the Trust Server Certificate parameters.


      Security="";Password=__EncPwd1__;Persist Security Info=True;User
      ID=sqluser1;Initial Catalog=DATABASE1;Data Source=SERVER1;Use Procedure for
      Prepare=1;Auto Translate=True;Packet Size=4096;Workstation ID=W1;Initial File
      Name="";Use Encryption for Data=True;Tag
      with column collation when possible=False;MARS
      Connection=False;DataTypeCompatibility=0;Trust Server Certificate=False;Application


      It seems that "Require SSL" option is working for data encryption but the Trust Server Certificate option is enabled by default.


      How can we edit the parameters while setting up a connection via tableau desktop?