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    How to display the range for measure and highlight the dimensions

    Srikar N

      Hello Team,


      My worksheet has 2 columns Segment and Profit. I created a calculated column 'Profit %' to find the % of profit.

      Now my requirement #1: Display the Range of Measure

      1. Please refer the column 'Profit % Range' below, that needs to be calculated based on the column  'Profit %'.


      I created a new column 'Profit % Range' with the condition below, its not working for me as it shows me the below result.


           if ([Profit %]>=0 and [Profit %]<30) then '0-30%'

           elseif ([Profit %]>=30 and [Profit %]<40) then '30-40%'

           else '>=40%'




      Requirement#2: Highlight the dimension ONLY

      How to highlight the dimension 'Segment'  as below. Please note that I dont want to highlight any other columns 'Profit % Range' and 'Profit%'. I just want to highlight dimension ONLY.


      Please provide your inputs on this. Thanks in advance.





      SegmentProfit % RangeProfit %
      Home Office0-3021%