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    Obtaining the list of workbooks/datasources subscribed to an extract schedule (REST API or Repository?)

    Charles Ayotte-Trépanier



      I'm trying to determine, for each extracts refresh schedule, what are all the workbooks/datasources subscribed to it. Looking at the REST API documentation (https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/api/rest_api/en-us/help.htm#REST/rest_api_ref.htm#Query_Extract_Refresh_Tasks%3FT… ), I thought I get that information.


      The response seemed to include either the workbook id, or the data source id.



           <pagination pageNumber="pageNumber" pageSize="page-size" totalAvailable="total-available" />


                <extract id="task-id" priority="task-priority" type="incremental-or-full" > <workbook id="workbook-id" /> </extract>

                <extract id="task-id" priority="task-priority" type="incremental-or-full" > <datasource id="datasource-id" /> </extract>

                ... additional extract refresh tasks ...




      However, I'm not getting any workbook, datasource id's. My responses look like this:


      '<ns0:extract xmlns:ns0="http://tableau.com/api" id="8b4539f6-cc4c-4420-9r14-b8f57746652f" priority="50" type="FullRefresh"><ns0:workbook /></ns0:extract>'


      Is there a way to get a list of all of the workbooks/datasources subscribed to a given schedule (or alternatively, for a given workbook or data source, the list of schedules they are subscribed to)?