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    Unable to sign in fromTD


      Hi All,


      One of the user is receiving the attached error while trying to sign in from the Tableau Desktop.Below are the details for ref.


      Tableau Desktop and Server version -9.2.0

      Authentication Type: AD

      Checked the users' access and he is good with it. He is holding publisher access.



      All other users are able to perform the sign in from desktop except this user. What else can I check from users perspective/in his machine to fix the issue.

      We are good with SSL and firewall settings.

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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hopefully this helps: 






          When publishing a workbook to Tableau Server, an "Unexpected Error" and "Unable to connect to the Tableau Server. Check name and port and try again" In the details, the error will say "Internet Communication Error: SSL Connect Error (<ServerName>)


          Additionally, when browsing to the Tableau Server, there will be an HTTPS error. When expanding the details of the certificate error, the message "This CA Root certificate is not trusted because it is not in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store" is presented.




          • Tableau Server
          • Tableau Desktop



          Option 1:
          Install the Root Certificate on the client computer


          Option 2:
          Include a Intermediate SSL Certificate in the SSL configuration tab for Tableau Server



          Root Cause
          The SSL/HTTPS error is causing Tableau Desktop to fail to successfully authenticate. Users of web browsers are able to bypass the SSL error.



          Additional Information

          When a user connects to a web server secured with SSL, it will check the SSL Certificate to see if it was issued by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA). If the certificate was not issued by a trusted CA, the connecting device (eg. a web browser or Tableau Desktop) will then check to see if the certificate of the issuing CA was issued by a trusted CA using a Chain Certificate until a trusted CA is found (at which point a trusted, secure connection will be established) or no trusted CA can be found (at which point the device will usually display an error).

          There is no Chain File to link the SSL certificate installed on the computer to the Certificate Authority's Root Certificate.

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            Thanks Patrick for the useful info but here the case is only one user was not able to sign in from TD where the rest of users can able to get in. Moreover, our SSL certificate was trusted CA one.

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              Hi All,


              Do anyone have any answers to the above query. it would be helpful if I can get some response . Thanks!

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                Krishna anumula

                Hi Trinadha


                I have seen this scenario before. I was wondering if the user , who is trying to Signin to Tableau server from TD is using a common name. Try using the domain name/alt name to login. That should work in most cases. like it mentioned in the above comments,the users might be bypassing the this error in their browers. let me know if this works.

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                  Thanks for the response Krishna. I will check and update you