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    Connecting to a published datasource via Tableau Desktop and creating secondary "Extract"

    Colin O'Brien

      Hi All,


      I have a very large datasource published to an instance of Tableau Server.


      I am looking to connect to this datasource within Tableau Desktop, and then do some aggregation on top of that to reduce the number of rows.


      It seems possible:




      1. Selecting extract opens the following window:




      2. From here relevant sections around aggregation and hiding unused fields can be made.


      3. Publish the workbook and voila, the amount of data has been greatly reduced and performance improved.


      I would like to know how I'm doing what I'm doing:


      1. What am I creating, a .tds on a .tdsx, or a new extract?

      2. It allows me to embed credentials, will this just refresh the primary extract, or is there now another copy of data to be refreshed as well?

      3. Are calculations defined in the workbook then stored as a part of this new "extract", or where are they stored?


      This is a big solution if possible, just need to make sure its robust and that I have concrete answers around how it's operating.


      Any answers would be greatly appreciated.