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    How do I find the FIRST value of a specific dimension

    Ken Muir

      Hello Community


      I have a problem that I've not been able to solve. I've simplified the data and attached a packaged workbook. I have multiple products that change position on a website at different dates. I can easily calculate the Average, Max and Min position of each product, but cannot find a way to calculate the First and Last position of each product. The first and last value has to linked to the "location in" date filter, i.e. changing the date will change the first position


      So in the instance of the screen shot

      • product 1 will return 372
      • product 2 will return 331
      • product 3 will return 43.


      Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 10.32.39.png


      However if I filter the date from 17/02/2017;

      • product 1 will return 345
      • product 2 will return 333
      • product 3 will return 88


      Want to do the same with the location of the last date for each product as well. Any feedback appreciated!