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    Web Data Connector - Help required !

    Nilanjan Saha

      This is regarding one requirement I am trying to achieve using Tableau.


      I have gone through the Tutorial on Web Data Connector :



      In the tutorial, while setting up the connector, the user types the ticker symbol and then the data is pulled for that particular Ticker Symbol.  Visualizations can then be built on this.  But it is only good for the one ticker symbol?

      Can this web connector be made to be more dynamic, where a user can type in a new Ticker Symbol in the Tableau interface and have the Web Connector refresh with the new Ticker Symbol?


      Actually we would require to pass dynamic values (Date/Ticker) while calling the Web Data Connector while implementing it in our project.


      Can you please let me know if there are any ways to achieve the same.


      Thanks &  Regards,

      Nilanjan Saha.