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    Using a filter to get a list that has to contain all filtered items and not some of them

    Manuel Gruber



      I didn´t find a thread on that topic. So I hope someone is able to help me with it.

      I´m using Tableau 10.1.



      I have a simple list like the one on the left side.


      Now im trying to filter the list with another list (the one on the right)

      The thing that I´m trying to achieve is:

      When I click Keyword1 & Keyword2 in the right list, then only companies with both of these keywords should be displayed on the left list.

      Right now if I do this the resulting list looks like that:


      According to me goal, only Company B & C should be displayed.


      The perfect result would be:

      Company B &  C left, with all keywords displayed, even the ones I didnt choose on the right side.


      Thanks a lot!

      See my workbook attached.