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    Tableau Desktop/Server :: Filter on report based on the results of another report

    Joseph Bertram

      Hi everyone,


      I want a dashboard that does the following:


      1) Allows users to filter on order activity in a given month to identify specific customers who have specific sales activity.

      2) Use that list to show all the historical trends for that subset of customers (but independent of just that given month).  This report would ignore any filters applied to report 1 and the only condition would be to limit it to just the customers returned from report 1.


      Other tools I have used allow you to use one report as a filter for another but that doesn't seem like Tableau native functionality.


      It seems like I have to first build the report that locates the list of customers for item 1).  Then I have to use a dashboard selection action and select all the customers in report 1 to filter report 2.


      Is there a better way to do this?