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    Can tabpy be used with workbooks published to Tableau Online 10.2?

    Adam Powell

      We are starting to experiment with Tabpy now that we have upgraded to 10.2. We have a local tabpy server that we are using to utilize python in a calculated field. I get an error when trying to publish a sheet to tableau online.


      It says: "This worksheet contains scripts for an External Service, which cannot be viewed on the target platform until the administrator configures an External Service connection." An image of the error is attached.


      I am the admin for our site, but my technical knowledge isn't the greatest... Is there a way to host the tabpy server within tableau online? Or will it work for us to spin up a small AWS server to host it? Just trying to figure out how we can get a calculated field using python to work in a workbook hosted on Tableau Online. Any hits, tips, or tricks are greatly appreciated!!


      Also, is anyone aware of any security issues that we should consider if we get this to work? Our workbooks will contain sensitive information.


      Thanks in Advance!