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    Connecting Q4 with Q1


      I have unemployement rates for 5 quarters : Q4 - 2015 to Q6 2016. Q1 to Q4 2016 create a line, but Q4 2015 is a single point. How can I have it linked to the others?


      In my columns field I have: Year(date) and Quarter(date).



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          Mark Holtz


          You'll get better assistance if you supply a packaged workbook or at least an image.

          When you partition (use a blue pill) on columns or rows with a line graph, a pane/partition with only one observation in it will be a point instead of a line.


          I suspect you're using the Discrete (blue) pill versions of the Discrete Date components.

          If your view layout matches this:


          You can simply switch from the 2 BlueDiscrete-Discrete date elements of Year and Quarter to 1 BlueDiscrete-Continuous data element of Quarter.

          That's a confusing way to say switch your 2 date pills from the above to this (delete your Year pill and right click on your Quarter pill):


          This should be the result:

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            Thanks Mark!


            I liked the idea of having a separation for the years, but I guess it won't be possible.

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              Mark Holtz

              Not as a line graph. But you could always switch to a bar graph if the distinction is important.