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    Adding a Total Variance/Difference set of Columns

    Kevin Ayers

      I have a set of enrollment data for the current year and the previous year, broken down by major. For each major there is a sum of the number of applications, offers, and confirmed students for each of the two years. I would like to add a section to the right of the column that shows the difference in each type/major. For example, if in year 1 Major A had 100 applications, 80 offers, and 50 confirms and year 2 Major A had 110 applications, 90 offers, and 45 confirms I would like the variance section to show 10, 10, -5.


      The format of Summarize -> Totals -> Row Grand Totals is PERFECT for what I'm looking for, just I don't want sums, averages, mins, or maxes.


      Searching through the community I've seen people asking for something like this since version 8. Is the only way to do this really the 2 worksheets on a dashboard trick?


      I have attached an Excel file with dummy data to show what I have previously done in Excel to fulfill this but I would really like to do it all in Tableau.