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    Aggregation turn dimension into measure

    Béatrice LORIOT

      Hi all,


      Having a silly moment here :


      I have 2 data bases (which I can not join) coming from connector.

      I'd like to add a dimension from the second table to the first one, but doing so dimensions turn into measure (which can not be changed).

      Then I want to use the new dimension to sum IDs


      Thanks for your help




      Primary data source2nd data source
      IDNameIDColor 1Color 2
      123Name 1123BlueDark
      234Name 2123BlueDark
      345Name 3123Blue


      When [color 1.2nd data source]= Blue AND [color 2.2nd data source] ="dark"
      then "abc"
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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello Beatrice,


          So the connector data source has to be an extract.  Can the second db be extracted?  If so, you should be able to do a join on a common Dimension. 


          I assume that you want to link on ID value so 123 in the left primar db would have a one to many relationship with the right 2nd db on the same value. 


          Data blending may not work with this however since dark/light are at lower levels of detail than the linking ID field.   Another option is potentially data blending but only including Dark values in one view and then creating a second view with only Light values..  two different views with totals in a dashboard.  This makes an assumption that you actually have just two values for color 2 and only one for color 1 but I am guessing there are many more. 


          Joining the data or getting the data into a common DB that could be joined before exploring with Tableau would be my way forward with this.  It would make the analysis easier for you and likely easier to maintain. 


          I hope that helps get you going.  If you have a workbook to share, please add it to the post and we can explore options. 



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            Béatrice LORIOT

            Thank you Patrick.

            Unfortunately I can not share a workbook. Yes, I am trying to link on ID values. Because of the one to many relationship, I am trying to create this new calculated field.

            If this is back and dark, then new value will be "blackdark". But doing so, the calculated field turns into a measure instead of a dimension "blackdark".

            Have a great week and thanks so much for your time !