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    TabJolt Postgres Table Inaccessible

    Andy Miller

      Hello all,


      I have installed TabJolt on a random computer successfully, so I was ready to tackle the project on our DEV server (AWS machine).  Enabled JMX, installed TabJolt as specified, and ran a test without a problem, however I am running into issues accessing the data from the postgres database.  Not sure what the issue is, but here are the clues:


      1. Success test run:



      2. Fired up the TWB that came with TabJolt using the user: postgres and password of testresults.  But am getting this error:



      3. So at this point, I am thinking it has something to do with the port?  Not sure, as I am not really a windows guru.  But not sure why it would matter when its all contained on the one box and I am not trying to access across the network.  But I went into pgAdminIII and tried to connect and got:



      Any help on this would be MUCH MUCH appreciated.  I feel like i have exhausted google and the tableau forums to no avail.  Jeff Strauss Russell Christopher


      PS - just to be clear - the only thing that was changed from default was the views to test.