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    sns tab

      Hi Team,


      I have used custom coordinates to place the states in united states on a workbook. I was able to place the states in their respective positions. Below is  what i was able to get which




      What i need now is to rank the states based on the profit and display the rank beside the state. I have created rank calculated field and i was able to get rank field correct.






      Can someone help me on how to achieve it.All i need to achieve is the rank of the profit per state right beside state name.

      Thank you


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          Joe Oppelt

          See attached.

          I just had to tell the table calc to run along all dimensions that are present on this sheet.  (Abbrev and state).


          For the record, the numbers are a little off.  Everything below 32 is off by 1 because your Sheet1 data source doesn't have Washington DC in there.  RANK will only work against what your primary data source feeds it because it is being done in that data source.

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            sns tab

            Thanks Joe. I got what i wanted. Thank you !