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    Consistency of icon / link positioning for data source

    Arijit Ganguly

      I guess Tableau does not allow links on texts, so people are using an icon / image to put URL of the source. I did the same - two issues


      This is the workbook - Tableau Public


      1. How do I ensure the size of the icon is the same across all the dataviz in the project?
      2. Even when I try and resize and position, what I see on the desktop app is not the same when its published.

      This is how it looks when published



      This is how it shows on my Tableau Public design tool




      Any other best practices in this regard? Any similar forum threads you recollect?

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          Karthik Venkatachalam

          So, there is no precise way to completely control the size. However, it is possible to control to a reasonable extent. That said, here are the things one can do.

          - First is to import the icon into the folder and consistently use the same ones across workbooks.

          - Second is to try your best to control and standardize the "size" slider in Shape Marks - within each sheet that you would be using - You have to be reasonably OCD to get this right.

          - Third is, you can control the width manually once you drag the sheet in.

          These are pretty much the only ways that I know. There could be others as well. With regards to published vs Desktop, it is definitely not a wysiwyg tool. But it would definitely be helpful when Tableau gets to "Pixel perfect" reporting space (in every aspect of the viz objects).

          Controlling bar chart width is a big hassle right now. Some times, I am forced to keep a template chart and re-use them. So I get consistency in widths. Wish there was a number I could put in, and forget it. Like transparency.