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    Unique data sources for each Workbook? (Server)

    Brian Delehanty

      This question revolves around the idea that I want to have a consistent core data set for our company while at the same time acknowledging that individual workbooks often have one off calculated fields that are only relevant to that particular workbook. Regardless, the main fields should remain consistent across all content.


      My question is, what is best practice in this situation? What are others doing? At the moment, I can think of two solutions: 1) have a unique data source for each workbook 2) have a unique data source for each project that includes every calculated field that any workbooks within the project would ever need. For #1, I worry about the amount of disk space and coordinating refresh schedules and also making updates to multiple data sources. For #2, I worry about the size of the data source itself as it would include so many unnecessary fields on a per workbook basis. When I hide unused fields, I often find that any folder structure I've developed is eliminated (this could just be an order of operations issue on my end), but also, is hiding unused fields unique to the workbook or the data source?


      Basically, I want to make sure that I'm being consistent and efficient with our data sources in a situation where I have projects divided up by department and multiple workbooks pertaining to each project.


      Thanks for any advice!