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    Full Refresh Questions for Extract

    Bob Kunz

      I think I know the answers but want to reach out to the Tableau Community for confirmation/ideas.  Currently I have some reports that I have automated in Tableau.  The database that I connect to for a certain report houses data for 13 months at a time.


      My Workbook currently has two refresh settings:


      1) Incremental Refresh (daily) - This adds new data found by the specific date field

      2) Full Refresh (every Saturday) - We commonly have data restated for prior days or weeks that this helps me to catch so data is always correctly depicted


      The issue I am running into is that the Full Refresh looks back to the database it is connected to and when it does the Full Refresh it notices that "month 14" data is no longer present and removes it from the Tableau Report on the server, which is working as is designed.


      My question to the community, is there a way with a Full Refresh to only tell it to go back a certain amount of time (i.e. a week, a month) to help avoid the historical data from falling off the report.  I don't think it's available, but want to make sure I am not missing something.


      We are currently looking at other solutions like asking the DBA's to increase the time for holding data or extracting files and saving them as a backup to keep historical data.  I wanted to make sure that I cover all my bases.


      Looking forward to any help from the community.