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    Is it possible to use placeholder rows and columns in the same sheet?

    Lily Huang

      I am trying to display various metrics (of disparate number formatting - %, hh:mm:ss, #s) for a current period and then provide YoY comparison in the adjacent column. The metrics are specified as properties, and some of the metrics are the product of multiple properties.


      What I'm having trouble with is using placeholder pills for both rows and columns. I need them for the rows in order to apply the proper number formatting, and in columns to color format the YoY growth. Tableau doesn't seem to allow this (see attached spreadsheet). As a follow up question, I also need YoY to be calculated differently for each of the metrics (i.e. use %change for some rows and absolute change for others).


      What I've done so far is the following:

      - Set up each metric as a measure

      - Create placeholder rows for each metric

      - Set up visualization with column: date, rows: placeholders

      - Applied metric as text for each row

      - Hide all sections except for the current year


      What I planned to do is:

      - Create placeholder columns for current value and YoY

      - Use calculated field for YoY, PER ROW (not sure how to do this)


      Your help would be greatly appreciated. A workbook is attached.


      Thank you!